Friday, May 28, 2010

To separate or not to separate...that is the question.

I think it is safe to say that all MoM's wonder about this when we go register our children for school the very first time. I have yet to get there. My trio is only 26 months old & will not be entering any preschool program until kindergarten. For this, we have the wonderful opinions of 2 club members, Sara B. & Elizabeth D.

Separating multiples written by Sara B.

It's important to recognize our multiples/twins as one, after all from day one they been together. As they develop and grow their own personalities and independence. It is also important to recognize our multiples/twins as individuals too. We can encourage that by separating them at preschool, if it is just by a few tables or perhaps a class! Here they can develop their own interests, skills, language, friendships and abilities.

Initially we felt we wanted out twins to be together. After much discussion with teachers, friends, other multiple/twin families, a week before school, we opted to separate them. Both are very eager to tell me about "their" day, and talk to each other about what they did too.

We couldn’t have made a better choice. Both are thriving, enjoying making independent choices, happy, still seeing each other yet learning while they are a twin, they are also individuals.

Not to separate written by Elizabeth D.

When our fraternal twin girls began preschool three years ago, we chose to keep them together. Although they play with other classmates, they find comfort in seeing their sister in the room. During teacher conferences, I always ask how they are getting along and how the teacher perceives their relationship. So far, the three teachers have had no issues and continue to recommend keeping the girls in the same class.

It is certainly easier on me too. I only have to keep up with one calendar for things like show and tell and snacks and can easily attend the class parties without having to split my time. We have been pleased with our choice.


Sara said...

ok, so i have to add to my comments after a whole year in preschool!
this has been great for us, at preschool level.
I am not so sure we will separate them at public school. I dont know.
Depending on where they go to school - they are so different, being boy and girl for starters!
But both enjoy so many different academic type learning activities, both enjoy alot of different physical activities too. They really have flourished, whether they are working separately or egging each other on! lol
What a hard decision!
Mum to Hannah and J.D., 4 yrs old

TxMomof3Boyz said...

My identical twin boys just turned 4 and have completed their first year of preschool at the Jersey Village H.S. ECP Lab School. There was only one 3 year old class so there was not an option of separating them. There were 3 sets of twins in their class this year and another set in the 4 year old class. They do an excellent job of helping the twins to become more self aware and not so co-dependant on their twin. They sit at different tables and do not sit together during circle time. They also had different teachers assigned to them. Of course during centers and recess they are able to play together if they choose and they often do, but then again they are more open to playing with the other children as well. I think it has really helped them tremendously to grow as individuals this year, especially the one who had been less outgoing than his brother. They will spend another year in ECP before heading to Kindergarten. I plan to keep them together at that point. I think that after 2 years of being in the same class but still being encouraged to develop as an individual they will have no problem continuing that. And it will be easier on me as well.