Saturday, July 18, 2009

Triplet Playgroup

**Most of these moms are also part of NWHMOM but some also are members of a sister group called Space City Triplets.**

8 x 3 = 24

24 kids ranging from 6.5 months old to 27 months old. Oh. My. God.

The experience was incredible & for just a couple of hours, I felt like every other SAH mommy out there that goes to playgroups on a regular basis. Just call this one super sized. The playgroup started at about 9:30 & ended by 12:30. Just about 10:30, we had everyone in the house at the same time. Chaotic is a good way to describe it BUT fun & enjoyable! Sure, we had a couple of baby meltdowns but not enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity. I think maybe next time I will serve wine instead of coffee, LOL!

The mommies that came were Carrie (Emma, Elizabeth, & Emily), Lynn (Tommy, Tabitha, & Zoe), Anna (Hudson, Tobin, & Skyler), Susan (Ava, Mia, & Andrew), Jennifer (Mollie, Elise, & Preston), Kerra (Hannah, Aiden, & Olivia), and Marie (Ava, Trevor, & Chloe) as well as ourselves.

There were only 3 sets of triplets at this moment.

Miss Lynn watching the babes play.

One of the triplets from the oldest set & the 3 from the youngest set together.

Kerra surrounded by babies!

Kerra's diaper bag was being enjoyed by many, especially Gabi & Ian.

These last 2 pictures show just how crowded it got in the living room! This was when all 24 kids were here along w/ 9 adults!

This is the real life of a mother of triplets.