Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tips on making life easier!

As Moms of Multiples, we learn so much along the way. Things that will help us cut down on the time spent cleaning, bathing, cleaning, traveling, cleaning, getting out of the house, cleaning, feeding, & did I mention cleaning?

These are tricks of the trade that us MoMs decided to pass along to those in the midst of figuring out what life w/ multiples is going to be like.

Submitted by Mona S.
I learned this one from my wonderful MIL who had 4 kids under 6. I cut almost all of the twins' food such as meat, pizza, with a scissors (the ones from the dollar store work great). It takes half the time as using a knife. I even carry two in my purse for when we go out to eat. My husband cuts up the food for one twin and I do the other. Just make sure there are no little fingers trying to grab any food off of the plate you are cutting from.

Here's one more. When I had my double stroller (a Graco Duo Glider) I washed it at a car wash. I used the power washer wand at the car wash and it came out great. Just make sure the brake is on. No need to unsnap anything! Mine turned out so good I wished I had brought the ArmorAll along for the tires.

Submitted by Astrid N.

Ditch the high chairs all together! A feeding table makes life so much easier. Cleaning 1 table as opposed to 3 high chairs & all their parts, is a huge time saver. Not only do the kids eat here, they color, read book, & other craft activities keeping them in their seats. My husband made ours for a fraction of the cost of ordering one.

Submitted by Melanie V.
I recommend feeding naked babies. I suggest feeding them at the same time if they are not easily distractible but if they are then have them facing opposite directions. Feeding them can be a really messy pain. Much easier/faster cleanup.

Submitted by Toni H.
Post a list of emergency numbers in your house by the fridge- We keep our work numbers, our cell numbers, our in-laws numbers, babysitters numbers, neighbors' numbers, pediatrician office numbers, poison control, etc. all on one page and it is always in the same spot for easy use (by anyone).

Submitted by many different MoMs
Keep the diaper bag stocked.
Keep your cell phone charged.
Keep medicine box filled and up to date. Have one for the car and one for home.
Have a list of emergency go-to people and contact numbers.
Have 24 hour pharmacy number available.
Know where the closest 24 hour store is located.
Always have diapers and wipes stocked up.
Put family first - the phone and computer can wait
When going out- plan an extra 10 minutes for the unknown
When in doubt give lots of hugs and kisses

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