Sunday, June 28, 2009

Triplets Meeting Triplets

We were on our daily family walk & saw a huge group of kids sitting in someone's front yard. My husband & I were wondering what they were doing? It was a peaceful gathering, no signs of trouble. Then all the sudden 2 girls start running towards us & yelling "Are they triplets?!?!" I didn't know whether to jump in front of the stroller or what b/c I was certain they were just excited about seeing babies, right? Wrong.

The 2 girls were both triplets. Get this, they weren't from the SAME group of triplet siblings either. They were both from DIFFERENT SETS! Each girl had 2 brothers in their sets, the opposite of what we have. They were so excited to meet the kids & we were excited to meet not 1 but 2 girls from different sets.

Turns out that the big group of kids sitting on the lawn were celebrating that they were now high school freshmen. How cute! The girls are 14 yrs old & I wish I had listened better to what their names were. DARN! Oddly enough, as we were sitting there talking to them, one of the moms pulled up in her car. I do remember her name, Barbara. She not only had her trips which were her 1st set of kids but she also had 2 more singletons after the fact.

We ended up talking to her for a good 10 minutes. I gave her my contact info & am hoping to have the 2 girls come over & play w/ the kids one day, maybe go swimming all together. How fun! To top it off, both sets of triplets live in the same subdivision (have to add that our subdivision is not small).

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