Friday, May 23, 2008

They WERE identical....

We went out for dinner plus two this evening.

There was a huge fish tank at the back of the restuarant that the twins were very interested in, so we took them for a closer look after dinner.

A lady was there with a little girl looking also. She immediately asked me if my two were twins. I said yes they are. "Oh, I am only asking because I have twin grandsons." I smiled and nodded, with "do you really"? She moved the little girl to the other side of me, saying my two need a better look.

Anyhow, I was curious as to whether her grandsons were identical, phrasing this way as some folk really do not understand as we well know.

She looked at me, asked me to repeat myself and responded with....
"Well, they were, up until about 12. They are 16 now."

I found it so hard to keep a straight face. Hubby put a dampers on my story, when he said "oh she meant they were showing their individuality, different hair, clothes, etc" ........not the impression I got tho, shoulda been there! LOL

- Sara B.

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